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    Speech & Language Services

    Our staff at Ruth Levisohn and Associates will listen to your concerns regarding your child's development and determine the evaluations most appropriate to fit your needs. Our therapists are specialists in the area of pediatric speech and language development and have expertise in the areas of apraxia, expressive language delay, articulation disorders, auditory processing weakness, and stuttering. We also offer occupational therapy in our office in conjunction with speech services through Sensory Pathways 4 Kids.


    • Speech-Language Evaluations: Assessment of a child's production and understanding of language.
    • Articulation Evaluations: Assessment of a child's production of sounds during word production. This may include an oral-motor assessment, which examines structure and function of speech musculature.
    • Voice Evaluations: Assessment of vocal quality and function.
    • Fluency Evaluations: Assessment of stuttering and dysfluent behaviors.
    • Auditory Processing Evaluations: Assessment of a child's ability to attend to, discriminate, and analyze auditory information.
    • Apraxia Evaluations: Assessment of speech and oral-motor characteristics relating to apraxic speech.
    • Team Evaluations: We work very closely with psychologists and occupational therapists at The Neuro-Developmental Center to provide comprehensive evaluations for children with pervasive developmental disorders, complex medical problems such as seizure disorders, attention deficit disorders, and for foreign adoption children.


    (Our evaluation process may recommend treatment in the following areas:)

    • Articulation: A child's production of sounds in words.
    • Voice: A child's vocal quality.
    • Fluency: A child's ability to produce uninterrupted speech.
    • Expressive Language: A child's ability to effectively produce verbal and written language.
    • Receptive Language: A child's ability to understand spoken and written language.
    • Auditory Processing: A child's ability to process, analyze and discriminate auditory information.
    • Pragmatics: A child's ability to use social language skills.